История училища

History of the school


The State Autonomous professional educational Institution "Kazan Art College named after N.I.Feshin" (technical school) was established as the Kazan Art School, which was opened on September 9, 1895. Since its opening, the painting department has brought the greatest fame to the Kazan Art School. The graduates who returned after graduating from the Academy of Arts and glorified the Kazan School, P.P. Benkov, P.S. Evstafyev, N.I. Feshin, with whose name the Kazan school was inextricably linked, also taught at this department. The engraving department of the school was headed by Yu.I. Thyssen for 12 years. The architectural department, opened in 1897, was primarily associated with the name of the artist-architect K.L. Mufke. The sculpture department, which existed since 1904, was represented by the names of sculptors P.V. Dzyubanov and V.S. Bogatyrev. In 1902, the school received an educational building built specifically for it (author and project manager K.L. Mufke).

The general reform of art education, which began in 1917, changed the fate of the Kazan school. Throughout the 20s, reorganizations followed one after another, culminating in 1935 with the creation of an art school that still exists today. As a result of numerous transformations in 1931, the school lost its building. During the Great Patriotic War, despite the difficult conditions, the school did not stop its activities. For several decades, many generations of talented artists have come out of the walls of the school. Of these, B.I. Urmanche, F.A. Modorov, H. are especially famous.A. Yakupov, L.A. Fattakhov, N.D. Kuznetsov, V.K. Timofeev, B.M. Almenov, A.M. Rodionov, V.I. Kudelkin, A.A. Abzgildin and many others

In 2006, the school was awarded the honorary name of Nikolai Ivanovich Feshin and the building was returned.

Today, the Kazan Art School conducts training in 4 areas – "Painting", "Design", "Decorative and Applied Arts", "Sculpture" and provides a high level of art education.

Zonal art exhibitions and conferences are held on the basis of the school.